Monday, May 20, 2013

Thank you for a wonderful weekend. It was relaxing. Very relaxing.

Could this be the sign? A sign that if I am in a good mood, that you won't hear from me? I wanted to write something last Friday as I was a having a great day but I had so much on my mind - things to do that I didn't get the chance to share it with you.

This past weekend, you did so many things on your list to make me happy. Please know that -I do recognize them. And Thank you! Thank you for not letting me or you cook Friday night. Thank you for cleaning the garage. Thank you for following us to the town center and helping me with Claire. Thank you for making me nap that afternoon. Thank you for cleaning the car. Thank you for playing with Claire and our dog. Thank you for great grilled pizzas.  Thank you for spending Sunday morning with me and Clare. Thank you for the money for me to go yard sale picking! Thank you for always kissing me and hugging me. Your affection always brings me home. You are home. You are truly my home.

Today is kind of an Elton John day. I will be doing some painting on the furniture and get those done so I could start another one!

I hope you schedule your yearly physical with your doctor-I want us to grow old together. I know the focus has been me-yet it can't always be that way. You need to be taken care of too. I'll be thinking about you and enjoying the great memories I have of you.

I love you my dear husband. Thank you for always loving me. Thank you for always being here no matter how nutty I am - you never seem to get  freaked out by my irrational mind. You are my constant reminder that life is good and it is worth fighting for.

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