Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Accepting Change.

When I was in the hospital in 2013 dealing with depression and with my suicidal tendencies, I came across these words in the hall of the hospital where I was. When I read it, I broke down crying. It wasn't because it made me sad but because it gave me hope. Hope that is rare to someone who is desperate. I've held on to it as a reminder that it really takes a lot courage to make that change. I hope to have that courage every day in my life. And I hope that these words will carry me throughout my life, and hopefully to others.


The pain of change is a reality. But so is the pain of no change. Changing ourselves takes only a decision.

If strength is needed, or confidence, we can only ask that it be ours. Our lives are in God's care and our needs are being attended to. Trust that all is well. Nothing lasts forever, and with each struggle brings new opportunity and growth.

We forget that new doors cannot be opened  until we've closed the ones behind us. The pain of closing those doors pushes us to new challenges and gives us a better understanding of ourselves and others.

When it comes the time for us to accept change, we will know it. Our present circumstances  will no longer be good enough.

Our experience cannot prepare us for change. But our faith can and will see us through.

By Judy Johnson

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